Message Glue: Strategic messaging adhesive for people, presentations & media.

"Some even said it was the best session they attended all day! You really added a sense of ease and comfort to the session.

We were able to draw the crowd in and I feel that the live music set a great tone for the rest of the session. As always great creative advice and guidance. "

General Manager

"You are the best and I can’t thank you enough for making my keynote so inspiring, fun and meaningful. And – a big success. Thank you! "

Corporate Vice President

"Thank you for your over-the-top dedication and support of our event. Awesome keynote creation, shopping for our execs and getting her all ready for her debut,

INCREDIBLE stage backdrop, talking team members off the ledge, super impactful speaker coaching. Is there anything we can’t count on you for? I am so thankful to have you both as partners! "

Sr. Director Strategy & Operations

"Early on you were able to identify our corporate values and our intended needs in order to conjure a truly eventful outcome, all the while interjecting the appropriate amount of humor.

You transformed our initial thoughts into a spectacular, meaningful message where the flow of information and insights were perfectly delivered and timed throughout, retaining the attention of our entire group. "

Director of Marketing

"This was one of the most creative keynotes I have ever been part of and even with all the complexity we came together as a team to make it happen and delivered an incredible experience for our attendees."

Senior Director

"Bottom line is…I trust you. I’ve used you for video, onstage presentations, coaching, writing, you name it. When I need to communicate anything internally or externally, my first thought is “Message Glue!"

You make my life easier…and my communications much creative, effective. and clever! Working with you continues to be a pleasure! "

Senior Vice President

"I cannot thank you enough for your work at the conference. Your ability to zig and zag with us made all the difference in the world. I am looking forward to our next conference together.

Again, BIG thank you. You're my “Human Prozac! "

Manager, Marketing & User Education

"I have received great feedback on the message, content and approach. And I am proud of the effort and thought we collectively put into to make it

engaging, appreciative and special. I could not do it without you. I have such confidence in both of you and trust you so much – it just makes the entire experience so much easier and so much fun. Thank you! "

Corporate Vice President

"The show was a huge hit! People can't stop talking about it, and your creativity and heart made the difference. You rock! Thank you! "

Corporate Vice President

What we do

At Message Glue™, we specialize in increasing the effectiveness of human communication. Our unique backgrounds enable us to meld your information with what you and your audience have in common; your company culture, your brand, and above all…human nature. The result is, we make communicating easier for you, with greater buy-in and engagement from your audiences.

From coaching executives to leverage their own unique personalities to make their presentations more compelling, to writing, video, PowerPoint, music…our lighthearted touch helps us to find emotional connections and common ground. That’s when your messaging becomes inspiring, engaging, insightful, funny, and informative.

No matter what the technology we use to deliver your messages, they resonate and become memorable—and actionable—when they go beyond the minds of your audience and adhere to their hearts.

Between your brain and your audience, there’s Message Glue™. To make your communication clearer, easier, and more effective.

Got messages? Got humans? Email us!

Our Process

We listen, we dig, we delve, we discuss—all to focus and prepare you to take full advantage of meetings, events, and communications. We help organize your content into stories that will resonate and connect with both your internal and external audiences. Together we decide how those stories will be told, shown, or revealed.

Then we write, coach, create and produce, all the while guided by your brand, each executive’s unique personality, and what unites us all as humans: Our need for understanding, acknowledgement, and respect.

We’ve crafted written communications, coached executives to develop and hone their presentation skills, created animated and live videos, produced large-scale musical extravaganzas featuring entire leadership teams, and created cinematic PowerPoint and graphics to bring our
clients’ stories to life.


Video demo

We’ve had our award-winning short films showcased at Sundance and at film festivals around the globe. And our client videos have captured corporate awards for writing and acting. But the best reward was an attendee rushing the dais at a conference and saying, "I need a copy of that video to show my customer. On Monday! In Germany!"

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